SAPP (Sleeping: A Performative Process), Cafe Bar 9, Helsinki. 2023.

The nature of SAPP (Sleeping: A Performative Process) is based on language and cognitive development theories. The artworks analyze bodily gestures as visual communication tools before the language forms existed and are spoken today. The artworks are divided into three themes to focus on visual analysis, typographic design, and practical application of the alphabet in the form of drawings, paintings and installations.

Kaynar has been working on developing the SAPP Alphabet since 2018 using artistic research methodologies influenced by the visual analysis of gestural, performative practices. With SAPP, Kaynar studies visual data in her studio practice to establish a structural method for abstract visual language with similar approaches to learning a language to communicate and maintain daily tasks. 

With her artworks depicting the result of her visual analysis adapting abstract visual language created through gestures and body movement, Kaynar refers to linguistic sensitivity, cultural diversity and social inclusion that is inspired by her experience of the national and minority languages existing and spoken today in Finland.