Zeynep Kaynar (b.1992. Samsun, Turkey) studies semi-abstract and abstract visual language by adapting typographic design methods as observational tools in her fine art studio practice. She is an independent visual artist living and working in Finland.

Kaynar has a list of selected exhibitions and publications, including upcoming solo exhibitions at Myymälä2 in Helsinki, Finland, and Simbart Projects in Istanbul, Turkey as well as previous group exhibitions in Istanbul, Madrid, Belgium and Copenhagen. Her works were featured by Emma Cocker, Alexander Damianisch, Cordula Daus, and Lena Séraphin in the SAR (Society of Artistic Research) Catalogue under Practice Sharing published in December 2020. Kaynar has been the recipient of several grants and subsidies, including the Alli ja Allan Salon Erillisrahasto from the Tampereen Taiteilijaseura ry in 2021 and the STEP Travel Grant from the European Cultural Foundation in 2018

Zeynep Kaynar holds a Master’s degree in Education focusing on topics of adult education, instruction design, and workplace pedagogy in organizational learning from Tampere University, which she completed in 2023, and a Master’s degree in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from where, she also spent time as a visiting graduate student in the University of California, Los Angeles, USA.

Kaynar is a member of various organizations, including Globe Art Point Ry, Tampereen Taiteilijaseura Ry, and Tampere Intercultural Art Oske, and serves as a Tampere Talent Ambassador for the International House of Tampere City. She has also participated in several residencies, including the Taidekeskus KulttuuriKauppilan Residenssiohjelma in Oulu, Finland, and Thematic Residencies: Rural Tendencies Tested in Ghent, Belgium, and (Re)Union, Lisbon.

Selected Exhibitions and Publications

Yksityisnäyttelyt, Yhteisnäyttelyt, Ryhmänäyttelyt ja Julkaisut:

  • Tuleva yhteisnäyttely ja projekti, ART4T: European Union Project for Rethinking Art and Transforming for Traning, Sisters of Hope, January 2023. Cophenagen, Denmark.
  • Tuleva yhteisnäyttely, BAM 2022: Biennale Archipelago Mediterraneo, ART4T: European Union Project for Rethinking Art and Transforming for Traning, September 2022. Palermo, Italy.
  • Tuleva yksityisnäyttely, Simbart Projects, November 2023. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Tuleva yksityisnäyttely, Kääntöpaikka Gallery, December 2022. Helsinki, Finland.
  • Yksityisnäyttely, Ebb and Flow, Sabanci University, 2018. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Sleeping as A performative Process, yksityisnäyttely, Galleria Uusi Kipinä, 2022. Lahti, Finland.
  • Reunion: Past.Present.Istanbul, Yhteisnäyttely, Sabancı University Sakıp Sabancı Museum, 2021. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Keep in Touch, Ryhmänäyttely, Galleria Himmelblau, December 2020. Tampere, Finland.
  • Practice Sharing Catalogue. Society of Artistic Research Special Interest Group, Language-based Artistic Research. Yhteisnäyttely ja julkaisu. November 2020, England and Finland.
  • Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition, Yhteisnäyttely, Akbank Sanat Contemporary Art Gallery, 2018. Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Red Bull Art Around Arnavutköy, Public Art Project. Yhteisnäyttely Julkisissa Tiloissa, 2018. Arnavutköy, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Thematic Residencies: Rural Tendencies Tested. Yhteisnäyttely, Im De Ruimte and (Re)Union Lisbon, 2018. Ghent, Belgium.
  • A Close Reading of Volkan Aslan’s Home Sweet Home. 12 Articles on Art, julkaisu. British Council & Mixer Art Space, Book Chapter, 2017. Istanbul, Turkey.

Apurahat ja Stipendit / Grants and Subsidies

  • Alli ja Allan Salon Erillisrahasto – Tampereen Taiteilijaseura ry, 2021. Tampere, Finland.
  • STEP Travel Grant. European Cultural Foundation, STEP Beyond Travel Grants Programme, 2018. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Sabanci University Full Scholarship, Sabanci University, 2016.  Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Sabanci University High Honor Encouragement Scholarship, Sabanci University, 2014. Istanbul, Turkey.

Jäsenyydet / Member of

  • Globe Art Point, Creatives Database and Network, 2020. Helsinki, Finland.
  • Tampereen Taiteilijaseura Ry, Member since 2020.
  • Tampere Talent Ambassador, International House of Tampereen Kaupunki, Member since 2020.
  • Tampere Intercultural Art, Project Manager and member since 2020.

Residenssit / Residency

  • Taidekeskus KulttuuriKauppilan Residenssiohjelma, 2022. Oulu, Finland.
  • Thematic Residencies: Rural Tendencies Tested. Im De Ruimte and (Re)Union Lisbon, 2018. Ghent, Belgium.


Artist Talk- Zeynep Kaynar @ KulttuuriKauppilan Residenssi (March 2022)

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