Participatory session facilitated by Tampere Intercultural Art (TIcA)

Now’s the time to dream about the future together!

Do you see utopia happening? Do you think that our future is doomed? In this workshop hosted by Tampere Intercultural Art, we look into the crystal ball by plunging heads first into hopes, dreams and goals that we have for our lives and careers. This workshop session occupies participatory methods to reflect and speculate on the possible futures both individually and collectively as part of the arts and culture scene.


18:00-19:00 – an unofficial Open Meeting to meet you all finally in person! We will also give an introduction to what TIcA is all about.

19:00-20.30 – Imagining Futures Workshop.

Join us at Hirvitalo, Hirvikatu 10, Tampere on 23.3.2022 at 18:00 – 20:30.

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See you at the event!

The Imagining Futures -session is hosted by TIcA members, Drama Instructor & educator Miia Säppi, and Independent Artist, Learning & Development Coordinator Zeynep Kaynar. Behind the program design are also communications specialist and Diversity Agent Jaana Denisova, and theatre practitioner, artistic producer Juliane Mikkonen.

Artwork: teamLab, Spirits of the Flowers