Cartooning, Fine Arts, Illustration

The Ticket

The Ticket, stamp on a handmade book, 27×21 cm, 2015

The Ticket is an experiment for creating an audience which may interrupt the work, tear it and take it with them. For this purpose, 100 pg. of 2 notebooks have been produced using the handmade stamp. As a result, 2 copies of the notebook with 100 pg of assigned serial numbers and signatures behind, has been taken by the audience. Besides 200 spectators, no one had managed to see an original copy of the work but the pieces that left after it has been torn apart.

On the other hand, it was produced to be “a ticket” for dreamers to be taken far far away when they need to take a deep breath away from urban life. It could also be approached as a tool for the audience to create their own stories with this ticket.

Torn pieces of The Book

 photographs sent by the visitors/ people who collected the ticket: