Collage Poetry on Canvas

Collage Poetry, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas, various size installation, 2014

This work has been created for exploring visual weight of letters in the Latin Alphabet.

I consider typographic elements as if they were individual objects: As you write a sentence or word, it’s visual quality changes. Therefore I wanted to practice on this approach using collage poetry from various poems of Çağrı Çığ Sığırcı. Even though, it is not written to be read, visitors have attempted to read just because the reason that the eye is familiar letter forms as an image. Furthermore, I used notebook pattern in order to create a suitable space for eyes to make attempt for reading. This attitude also created a contrasting visual approach for the visitor on how to capture reading habits of human eye with something which is hard to read.

I chose my handwriting as a personal typeface, rather than applying another specimen which makes this work unique in the application of the writing.

I wanted to challenge the viewer to spend more than 8 seconds, as it is stated according to the recent researches made in Louvre, Paris on modern paintings.