Zeynep Kaynar was born in Samsun,1992. She received her MA Degree on Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University. Currently, she is living and working in Istanbul. Her work focuses on questioning artistic production within urban environment: How to transfer artists’ experience of the city, as well as, how to create an image of a city through artistic endeavor.


2018, Akbank 36th Contemporary Artists Prize Exhibition, Istanbul, TR.

2018, Red Bull Art Around, Arnavutköy, Istanbul, TR.

2018, Thematic Residencies: Rural Tendencies Tested, Im de Ruimte and (Re)union Lisbon, Ghent, BE.

2018, Ebb and Flow, Solo Exhibition, Sabanci University, Istanbul, TR

2017, Base, Group Exhibition, Private Galata Greek School, Istanbul, TR

2017, Der Grief: Guest Room: Selection by Hester Keijser, Online Exhibition, dergrief-online.


2015, Divergence: Solo Exhibition, FASSArt Gallery, Sabanci University, Istanbul, TR.


2017, A Close Reading of Volkan Aslan’s Home Sweet Home, Art Writing, British Council & Mixer Art Space, Book Chapter, Istanbul, TR

2015, Discussions: Invisibility of Art in Public Spaces, Artniyet, Sabanci University VAVCD Department, Istanbul, TR.


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